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Disclaimer:  Please consider the context when evaluating financial transactions.

Some transactions may appear improper on the surface but are perfectly normal and

justifiable when placed in the proper context.  We welcome your questions regarding our

financial transactions or records.


Cripple Creek – Victor School District is a rural district located in the shadow of Pikes Peak – high in the mountains. The District provides a range of educational programs and services authorized by Colorado state statute to approximately 350 enrolled students. District programs and services include basic PreK-12 education in elementary, middle and high schools, special education, vocational education, alternative educational, Head Start and numerous other programs. Cripple Creek – Victor School District employs 85 full and part time employees.There are various uncontrollable but viable aspects facing the School District each year. Enrollment in the School District has been declining over the past several years but appears to be stabilizing.The information contained on this financial transparency website can be very informative. However, comparisons of schools and districts should be done with caution as no two schools are alike. Please contact the Cripple Creek – Victor School District Business Department if you have any questions regarding this data.

Contact Information:

Elaine Hayden, Business Manager/HR Director

719.689.2685 ext. 1311